School Christmas Games

Spying Them All
Things You Need:
- Personal things or Childhood Photographs of every guest in the party
- Paper and Pen for each guest
- A notice board or desk to display all things numbered

How To Play:
- Collect the personal things or the childhood photographs of your party guests stealthily, so that they do not know about it.
- Distribute pen and paper to everybody and ask them to guess, to whom the displayed photograph or personal thing belongs.
- Person with the most correct guesses is the winner.

Stocking The Stockings

- Pairs of Thick Woolen Stockings as many as number of your guests (Divide your guests by 2 to get the number of pairs you need. You may need one extra stocking, if you have odd number of guests.)
- Small things to stuff the stockings such as Pine Cone, Christmas Tree Ornament, Holly, Candies and Stars.
- Paper and pen for each guest
- Ribbon
- A music player or a radio

- Stuff at least ten different objects into each stocking. The greater number of objects makes it more and more interesting.
- Almost every stocking should have a different stock.
- Tie the open end of the stocking with a ribbon.
- Distribute these stockings, pen and paper to your guests.
- Ask them to guess what all is stocked in their stocking when the music turns on and jot it down on their paper.
- They must stop when the music stops.
- Give them some time to guess and them stop the music.
- Then each guest comes on the stage or in the centre of the circle and empties his or her stocking on a table.
- Then the things in the stockings are matched with the list the guest has made.
- The person who has guessed most things correctly is the winner.

A Game Within a Game
While the children are waiting on Xmas for their presents, or dinner, or whenever the time seems to drag, suggest that each one think up the best game he knows.
Give each child a pencil and a card on which the game and the name of the child who thought of it are written. Each one in turn tells his game and all the children play it. When all have had a turn, and each game has been played, the children look over their lists and choose the game they liked best. The originator of the most popular one receives a prize.

Christmas School Guesses
Suspend a large bunch of mistletoe from one of the chandeliers. The children, one at a time, stand under the mistletoe, and guess how many berries there are on it. The berries are counted when all have guessed. The one coming the nearest receives a prize.
While watching the Christmas tree, after the presents have been distributed, some one says, "I see something on the Christmas tree which begins with T. What is it?" Many guesses are given, the one who says "Tinsel," has guessed correctly, and it is his turn to give a guess, which may begin with P and C. Pop-corn is easily guessed, and so on, until everything has been guessed.

Christmas Candles
A small tree is placed on a table. The candles are lighted. Blindfold the players, one at a time, turn around three times, and allow each to take five steps toward the tree. Then he must blow as hard as he can, endeavoring to blow out all the lights, if possible. The one who succeeds in extinguishing the most receives a prize. Note: Game requires adult supervision.

Christmas Word Search - Cristmas School Game
Make up a word search puzzle and hide several Christmas related words throughout. Have the children try to find as many as they can in a certain amount of time .The child with the most words found wins a prize.

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